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Gastronomy experience

The Wadden Sea is ...

The Wadden Sea is the largest source of the popular oyster.

Taste local ..

There are many local suppliers of raw materials in the area.

where does the word originate from

Etymologically, the word comes gastronomy from Ancient Greek gastros ("Stomach"), and nomos ("Rule" or "law").

Rømø Oysters

Rom & Gin

Romo Rejen

Wadden Sea sludge



The Wadden Sea and the Oysters - Photo Thomas Høyrup Christensen (8) -1600px

Wadden Sea oysters

On Rømø there is a fishery that collects oysters in the Wadden Sea and cleans them for shipment throughout Denmark.

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Gin & Rom

Micro distilleries have developed their own unique gin and rum, which can be tasted in different places around the area.


Rømø shrimp

As something very unique, there is a shrimp species that is captured on Rømø. The shrimp is special as it does not turn pink when boiling, but stays in its brownish color.

Photo: Ulrik Pedersen, Tøndermarsk Initiative. The image may be used in connection with mention of Tøndermarsken and / or the Tøndemarsk Initiative.

Wadden Sea sludge

Wadden Sea mud is a specialty not found anywhere else. The lambs are special because they have walked and grazed on the land around the dike all their lives.


Rømø Bolsjer

At the youth hostel on Rømø, homemade sweets are cooked which are made on your own recipes.


Denmark's best ice cream

in 2019 Café Fru Dax won the award as Denmark's Best Ice Cream. The Ice Café is located in Lakolk, Rømø and is open all holiday season. Simply a must-taste when you are on these edges of Denmark.




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