The recipe for a good gastro experience

Gastronomy experience

The Wadden Sea is ...

The Wadden Sea is the largest source of the popular oyster.

Taste local ..

There are many local suppliers of raw materials in the area.

where does the word originate from

Etymologically, the word comes gastronomy from Ancient Greek gastros ("Stomach"), and nomos ("Rule" or "law").

Flavors in the area

Inspiration for gastro experiences

In the Rømø Tønder area there are many different and unique flavors. Eg. then from the Wadden Sea we can pick Wadden Sea oysters, which is the most common raw material in Denmark. On Romo and in Tønder we have many different restaurants that make a little extra out of the food, so the experience will be unforgettable.

These foods you must taste

The Wadden Sea and the Oysters - Photo Thomas Høyrup Christensen (14) -1600px

Rømø Oysters

On Rømø there is a fishery that collects oysters in the Wadden Sea and cleans them for shipment throughout Denmark.


Romo Lamb

Romo Lam is a specialty not found anywhere else. The lambs are special because all their lives they have been walking and grazing on the land surrounding the dike.


Romo Rejen

As something very unique, there is a shrimp species that is captured on Rømø. The shrimp is special as it does not turn pink when boiling, but stays in its brownish color.

black sun-gin.jpg_tmp

Black Sun Rome & Black Sun Gin

Brinksgaard is a lifestyle store that has chosen to develop a fantastic Rome and Gin. The best known is Black Sun Rome, which is a rum with a very distinctive taste.


High Sausages

High sausages have won many gold medals through many competitions. If you are a meat lover who is looking for the next flavors, take a stroll past Höjer Sausages.


Denmark's best ice cream 2019

in 2019 Café Fru Dax won the award as Denmark's Best Ice Cream. The Ice Café is located in Lakolk, Rømø and is open all holiday season. Simply a must-taste when you are on these edges of Denmark.




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