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Opening hours

Opening hours 01.10 - 31.03
Wednesday to Sunday: The inn is open from 11am - 10pm
Monday and Tuesday closed
January closed

Opening hours 01.04 - 30.09
Tuesday to Sunday: The inn is open from 11am - 10pm
Monday closed

Overnight at Ballum Slusekro

We have 5 nice and cozy rooms.
4 double rooms and one single room. 
All with private toilet and bath.

All prices include TV, wireless internet, breakfast and parking. 30.7


Check-in time 4 pm to 9 pm
Check-out no later than 10:00

Upon later arrival
please call before 1 p.m. 21.00 to (45) 60 72 01 77

The restaurant

Ballum Slusekro offers good old-fashioned Danish food.
On the menu you will find dishes inspired from ancient times and prepared with the same love as it has always been through all genres

About Ballum Slusekro

Ballum Slusekro was erected in the midst of this beautiful nature 1914 - 1915 in connection with the construction of the ballum dike. The property, which at first was both a tavern and the residence of the lock master, was until the end of 1993 a holding tavern. It quickly became a tradition that the inn should be the target for the meetings of the dig team, and that has not been changed. As then, there is still accommodation available, and old-fashioned traditional Danish food is served in the inn. Bon appetite.

About us

B&B Mandø is a cozy and beautiful place to spend your holiday in Mandø. Here you can both stay and have a good experience, with some of the activities offered by B&B Mandø.


B&B Mandø offers rooms of different sizes:

The tour ferry - Mandøpigen

Book a special excursion trip - experience the seals, oysters and birds of the Wadden Sea very close

We have many different trips, and if you are a group, we would be happy to help with a package that suits you. 

The Mandøpigen tour ferry can accommodate 12 guests on board 

Baltic Safari is a trip of approx. 4 hours duration. We sail out to the oyster banks in the Wadden Sea, along the way we stop at the sandbanks where we know that the seals tend to rest / sunbathe. At a suitable distance there will be good opportunity to see / film the seals.

We have waders, buckets and knives for everyone, so we can get off the boat and pick oysters at the oyster bank. Back on the boat you can taste your fresh oysters, and we serve a glass of bubbles.

Seal Safari is a trip of approx. 3 hours duration. We sail out into the Wadden Sea to the sandbanks where we know that the seals tend to rest / sunbathe. At a suitable distance there will be good opportunity to see / film the seals. Seals are curious and will often swim very close to the boat.

Island hop is a trip of approx. 2 hours. The trip always goes to or from Mandø - with Ribe Kammersluse or Juvre on Rømø as another port. It is free and obvious to take bikes on this trip.

In the middle of Ballum's main street is an active and exciting café.

Visit Ballum's Cafee and join one of theirs events.

Happy Hour:

Every 1st Friday of the month they have HAPPY HOUR between 16: 00-17: 00. If you buy drinks where you also get selected snacks in the bargain.


They are celebrating J-Day in 2020. Where you can enjoy a delicious Christmas beer from 7 p.m. 17:00 + J-Day menu:

Beef burger incl. Beer Price. DKK 79 (order needed)

Torvet 9 here you can buy old-fashioned ice cream waffles and some retro finds 
Centrally located in Højer, in the old square opposite the church.


Parking space for buses




Own parking space

New course rooms

Wadden Sea Cabins

Wellness and Beauty Center

Outdoor pool

Rømø Play and Horse Land

Dog Playground


Hotel Commandergården on Romo is a cozy family run hotel with Denmark's first wellness and beauty center, Romo Play and Horseland and Romo Island Center. Here is the opportunity for a contentious holiday for all 3 generations.

The hotel itself is located south of the island in a scenic area with 2 km to the beach and 200 meters to the Wadden Sea. The hotel's wing is conveniently located around the large outdoor swimming pool. There are 85 hotel rooms / apartments of different sizes and 36 cabins.

Here is a lovely restaurant, a brasserie, a conference room and meeting rooms, a nice bar with a lot of drinks and a nice party room. on saturday there is music and dance. During the summer holidays we have a large activity program for both small and large guests. The campsite is open all year round, and with its wall of plants it is both protected and cozy.

From the campsite there is direct access to the beach / Denmark's new national park Wadden Sea on the east side. You also have free access to the newly renovated outdoor swimming pool. Many of the seats overlook the Wadden Sea and marsh. Different types of cabins can also be rented. Wadden cabins, each with bath and wood stove and beautiful views of the Wadden Sea. Round log cabins with private bath and toilet and a lovely large terrace overlooking the Wadden Sea.

Rømø Butcher is located in Kongsmark on Rømø, close to the old ferry terminal.

There has been a butcher shop at the address for more than 60 years, and for generations various butcher families have run the shop, and all with a tradition of quality and the South Jutland butchery.

Opening hours

Opening hours are changing from week to week.
please see our opening hours here

Today we are two brothers, Gerd and Jan, who, in close cooperation with family and good faithful employees, take care to carry on the craft traditions. We have further developed the sausage maker craft and put our mark on it, so that today we can offer sausages and cold cuts in quality you hardly find anything similar.

- The taste is our key feature.
Our selection includes a number of Southern Jutland specialties as well as French and Italian inspired garlic sausages with cognac. Common to all of them is the unique taste that has been our hallmark since 1897. Without revealing too much, our high meat content and low fat percentage are part of the secret of the characteristic taste - Read more in the section "Sausage talk".

Fixed closing days: 

All January.

Saturdays in February

Easter Saturday.

Constitution Day.

In SuperBrugsen you will find a current and inspiring selection of the groceries you need at competitive prices.

In addition, SuperBrugsen emphasizes strengthening the community they are part of. They do this through attractive shops where you can get it all and partly through active participation in the city life.

Dagli'Brugsen is Denmark's favorite and most responsible convenience store chain.

Dagli'Brugsen is the meeting place where presence, service and "the local" are a crucial characteristic and where customers and employees feel safe and well-adjusted. Dagli'Brugsen must meet the local people's need for everyday grocery shopping with a high emphasis on health, responsibility and freshness. The shops have personalized service and open 7 days a week.

Opening hours

The puddles of the square follow the pedestrian opening hours.

About the Square's sausages

Torverts Sausages Tønder pedestrian only original sausage bar.
Here you will find all the most common barbecue dishes, perfect for a quick meal.

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