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The puddles of the square follow the pedestrian opening hours.

About the Square's sausages

Torverts Sausages Tønder pedestrian only original sausage bar.
Here you will find all the most common barbecue dishes, perfect for a quick meal.

Quality Fast Food, fresh produce, local sausages and steaks, crispy fries, smiling and helpful service.

We have renewed the menu, so that again this year new and exciting dishes have appeared on the menu. There's something for everyone. If you want to eat in nature or on the beach, we pack the food for “Take Away.” In addition, we have many kinds of ice cream and ice cream desserts. This year we have chosen to make our own ice cream. We are known for our old fashioned waffle ice cream, which is baked according to old traditions and they were chosen by JV. as the best.


The kitchen closes at. 19:30

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