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Family vacation

Spend time with family

Romo is the perfect place to spend time with the family - Here are plenty of beach, playgrounds, exciting activities and much more.

The beach is a favorite

Each year, families flock to Lakolk beach to spend all day swimming and relaxing on the beach. There is plenty of room for the playful children.

Find active experiences together

The Rømø & Tønder area offers many experiences - Especially for the family holidays you can find many active experiences on and around Rømø.

both something for parents and children

Family holiday on Romo

The holidays do not always have to be in the hottest countries, you only have to drive towards the southernmost corner of Denmark - namely Rømø & Tønder. On Rømø, the family holiday is a big hit, as you get here both the magnificent scenery and the pleasant moments in combination with active experiences or relaxing hours on the beach. 

Popular family experiences

Jump A Lot awards

Jump A Lot

A large playground in Red Choir for the whole family. Here you can kindly entertain your kids for a whole day. Buy tickets online here on the site.


Parrot Land

Give the kids flying experience. The parrot land in Ballum is filled with parrots of all colors. The children can hand feed all the birds.


Ballum Football Golf

Ballum Football golf is an extremely well maintained course, with the possibility of cooking. On a sunny day, this is a sure winner.


Rent a bike

Go on a bike ride with the family and get some miles in the legs. There are many trails on Romo and around the municipality of Tønder.


Lakolk Beach

Take a day at Lakolk beach and feel the North Sea wash over your feet. On the beach you can bring your car and camp there during the bright hours of the day.

Block map on Rømø Strand - Photo Winnie Abildgaard (1) -1600px


Take the kids to Sønderstrand, where you can experience the largest beach filled with activities such as kitebuggy, blow-karting, horse riding and surfing.


Horseback riding on the beach

should the ride be pleasant or should there be adrenaline in the blood - you decide the pace. Horseback riding on the beach is a fun and good experience for both adults and children

We still supply Rømø Oysters

Despite the situation, we still ship Rømø Oysters throughout Denmark.

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