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Can you pay with Euro in Denmark

Yes. According to Danish legislation, it is mandatory to receive Euro.

Black sun, Where and how?

Black sun is from late August to October. You can get both guided tours and even find places to see the beautiful sight. read much more in our black sun guide.

When and how can I visit the Wadden Sea

You will find the Wadden Sea along the West Jutland coast and it would be a good idea to check the tide before heading off to the coast.

There is information I cannot find on the site

You can always try to call or write to our tourist information. You can also try searching our brochure.

It is free to visit beaches in Denmark

Yes, it is 100% free to visit beaches in Denmark

Bicycle / hiking routes

You can always find our hiking and biking trails in our guides which you can read here on the site, or you can always visit our tourist information where we have brochures around the routes.

In Denmark, it is legal to spend the night on the forest floor, which means that you may spend the night in a sleeping bag, hammock, blanket or during rain. However, do not set up a tent or similar. You must do this legally in tent sites or areas with free tents.

No, it is not legal to camp / stay overnight at any resting place or places without payment. You only have to park your caravan / motorhome in order to spend the night on paid seats.

  • It is allowed to walk along all the coasts and beaches in Denmark
  • It is allowed to cycle and walk on all trails in the forests
  • In public forests you are allowed to go outside the trails but not cycle
  • You can cycle and walk on all roads in Denmark even if it says “private road”
  • Traffic is at your own risk

Dogs must be leashed in all public places in Denmark. However, you should only carry her on leashes on the coasts and beaches during the period 1 April - 30 September

In Denmark we have speed restrictions:

  • Road - 80 km / h
  • Cities - 50 km / h
  • Highway - 130 km / h

In some places there are special conditions, but there will always be signs with the speed limit.

In Denmark there are public toilets in many places. The toilets are free to use.


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