Christmas in Tønder

Read about Tønder, which is Denmark's nicest Christmas city and get inspiration about the activities that happen during the Christmas month in the Rømø-Tønder area.

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Denmark's coziest Christmas city

Calling yourself Denmark's friendliest Christmas city is a big challenge, but Tønder manages to manage it perfectly every single time.

Shops opening hours:

Opening hours of the Christmas stands:

Why is Tønder
Denmark's Coziest Christmas Town?

The question can be answered with a simple answer - but still requires a narrative. The story of a beautiful and cozy time going on in the streets, illuminated by the beautiful lights hanging over Tonder's pedestrian street. All the way from the start of the pedestrian street and up to the square, where the Christmas lights really come to their splendor and with the cozy Christmas huts, where you can buy yourself a tasty meal of apple slices and drink a cup of lovely, warm Christmas liquor.

The cottages also offer crafts, in the form of glass, decorations, jewelry, yarn and knitwear, as well as various kinds of Christmas decorations. So if you love Christmas and want to find the Christmas mood - under the beautiful Christmas lights, which most of all are reminiscent of thousands of stars hanging low under the sky - then Tønder Christmas Town is the perfect place to visit when the Christmas shopping really gets underway . 

The Christmas mood comes naturally when you notice Tønder's Christmas environment, the common Christmas atmosphere that arises from Tønder's old buildings and building culture, which together with the Christmas decor and the pedestrian street's cozy shops, results in something very unique that is only found in Tønder.

Then the answer to the question: "Why are barrels Denmark's nicest Christmas town?" Can be answered as briefly as: "Because you do not have to be in the Christmas mood when you visit the city, but you are at least when you leave it again.

Winter oysters

Pick oysters at Christmas

Although winter is soon upon us and the frost is beginning to creep forward, it does not mean that the oyster has been hiding beneath the surface.

There is still plenty of opportunity to get out and pick oysters along with a guide who can give you an exciting experience even if it can be biting cold outside.

Christmas service - Romo

Sct. Clement's church Christmas service

As something very special for the whole of Denmark, Sct. Clemens Church Christmas service December 23. This is an old tradition that dates back to a time when you did not have the time to wander from all corners of the island to the church on the 24th and therefore it was agreed to spend the day on 23rd for the church's Christmas service.

Every day the church holds a worship service, you can feel the Christmas mood, with old traditional Christmas hymns and beautiful Christmas sermons. All locals and tourists are welcome!

Christmas concert in Klosterkirke

Southern Jutland Symphony Orchestra

The concert opens with Corellis Concerto Grosso no. 8, often called the "Christmas Concert" which also carries the title: Fatto per la notte di Natale (made for Christmas Eve). It is unknown when it was composed, but records indicate that Corelli performed a "Christmas Concert" in 1690 for his new maecenas, and it may have been precisely this Concerto Grosso.

Vivaldi's "Gloria" is one of his most well-known and beloved works of his ecclesiastical music and is believed to be composed around 1715. As the crown of the work, the South Jutland Symphony Orchestra, along with the Philharmonic Choir and soloists, also performs Vivaldi's "Magnificat" - also known as "Mary's Song of Songs". (The text is one of the oldest known Christian hymns) and is often performed in the Protestant tradition just in the Advent era.


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