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Top guided tours right now

Romo tours + Sylt ferry back and forth

 Varighed : 4-6 hours

Oyster Safari

 Varighed : 2-3 hours

Dear Safari

 Varighed : 4 hours

Sing the sun down into the sea

 Varighed : At 20:30

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Experience the very diverse bird life in the Wadden Sea and in the marsh

Bird walk + Southern Jutland coffee table

 Varighed : 3-4 hours

Day trip - Hamburg Hallig Fugletur

 Varighed : 4-5 hours

Day trip - Hallig Oland Bird and culture tour

 Varighed : 4 - 5 hours

Birding + Breakfast

 Varighed : 4 hours

Rent a blokart

 Varighed : hourly

The sculpture garden guided tour

 Varighed : 1 - 1.5 hours

Get the tide in

 Varighed : 3-4 hours

City Guide - The Wadden Sea

 Varighed : hourly

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We still supply Rømø Oysters

Despite the situation, we still ship Rømø Oysters throughout Denmark.

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