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Take a guide and discover more in nature, cities or the beach.

Blocart Experience

Ready for an action-packed day, speeding across the field?

Discover the Wadden Sea

Take along and discover the nature and life of the Wadden Sea

Historic city tours

Want to know more about the beautiful cities and the history behind it?

Seal Safari

Go out and experience a Seal Safari, aboard the Sorts Safari boat.

Romo Tours

Ø Rundfart - Rømø Tours

The perfect activity to make your holiday on Romo even better.

Walk in the Tønder marsh. Photo: Ulrik Pedersen, Tøndermarsk Initiative. The picture must be used in connection with the mention of the Tønder marsh and / or the Tøndemarsk Initiative.

Guided tour through the marsh area

The trip goes to Marsh The marsh is a very distinctive country.

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Guided walking and cycling tours

Take along and experience the sights, culture, and history with Kagmand Tours.


The sculpture garden with Guide

Join a guided tour through the sculpture garden in Tønder.


Schackenborg Castle

Experience Schackenborg Castle, both indoors and outdoors.

Sale of Fishing license

The Romo & Tønder area is filled with fishing water. Buy your fishing license here.

Fishing license Brede Å

DKK 50,00

Rømø fishing lake - Put & Take

DKK 80,00

Wells - Fishing license

DKK 25,00

Vidå - Fishing license

DKK 125,00


 Varighed : 1 Day / 1 Week / 1 Year
DKK 50,00

Fishing license - Møgtønder put & take

DKK 30,00

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