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The Reunion 2020 in Tonder offers many different events - Read here much more about what you can experience in Tonder and the area around, during the Reunion 2020.

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Reunion 2020 in Tonder

In 2020, we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary in the whole country for the Reunion. Also in Tønder Municipality the Reunion 2020 will be celebrated with numerous events and happenings. Below is a selection of the many events held in and around Tønder in connection with the Reunion 2020:

  • Takes place from: January 1 - July 12

For this reason, an attractive, visible and coherent program of enriching experiences in and around Tonder, which strives for broad popular support across target groups, with ample opportunity for participation.

"Photo: Local History Archive for Gl.-Tønder Municipality".

"Photo: Local History Archive for Gl.-Tønder Municipality".

But what the hell does this mean for you?

I'll tell you

If you live or have roots in Southern Jutland, you may have already heard about the 100th anniversary of the Reunion in 1920. When the Queen mentioned certain events in the Anual New year speach from The Reunion 2020

But what does the this Reunion really mean for you? Which Bodil Jørgensen ( a famoues comedian), States in her own interpretation of the new years speach. 

Yes we must tell you - without the Reunification in 1920, those who lived just south of Kolding would still belong to Germany, and the Danish map would therefore have looked completely different. At that time, the Danish border with Germany was Located by the "Kongeåen"., located just south of Kolding. And if it had not been for Danish-minded citizens in the north of Schleswig, the area today would still belong to Germany. The 100th anniversary of the Reunification is therefore of special significance to the history of Denmark as well as the many thousands of South Danes who today could have belonged to the German population. 

And if you think that the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Reunion in 1920 is only for the Sunderland, listen to Bodil Jørgensen. There is a great deal we can thank them for over the last 100 years - the Southern Jutland coffee table, the music, the literature and much more. Denmark's Reunification is significant for us all. Even if it happened 100 years ago.


The history

But what did really happen in 1920?

Following the defeat of Germany and thus the end of World War I in 1918, the so-called Versailles Peace Agreement was drafted in the time after, among the world's greatest leaders. In this peace agreement, demanded that new borders be drawn in Europe, with the desire that the people should be allowed to take part in the decision to 

5 polls

Only five places in Europe got a referendum and one of the places where the people got self-determination was in Southern Jutland. And just this referendum should prove to have a very special historical outcome for Denmark.

10th of july

On July 10, 1920, Denmark wrote history when the Danish-minded Germans voted in a referendum to once again belong to Denmark. On the Danish side, this reunion was symbolic, as Denmark and Southern Jutland had previously belonged together and now came to it again.

New border crossing

At this reunion, the Danish-German border now was located at northern Schleswig - what we today call Southern Jutland - this to great joy in both Southern Jutland and the rest of Denmark. 

The reunion was symbolically effected by King Christian X riding across the now abolished border at Frederikshøj, south of Kolding, on July 10, 1920.

Reunion 2020

Learn more about Reunion 2020

We have alot to offer.

Therefore, on July 10, 2020, it is 100 years since Denmark regained southern Jutland. This is marked by a wide range of events and activities across the country and reaches its official and final highlight in Southern Jutland from 9-12. July - exactly 100 years after Christian X rode across the then border south of Kolding.

The Jubilee Year 2020 will delve into history, culture, sports and music with the aim of making the Sunder Jews and the rest of Denmark's population aware of the landmark political and cultural significance of the Reunion, for the whole of Danish society.

There will, among other things, be historical exhibitions, photo exhibitions and a wide range of lectures, all of which tell fascinating local and personal stories about the Reunion.

There will also be a focus on children and childish souls when Sigurd Barrett, who is known from the popular children's program "Sigurd's Bear Hour", comes to Tonder and gives Reunion Concert. 

There will also be active events for both children and adults, when The DGI Stafet 2020 will be held in Tonder in May, based on the Reunion

The program for Reunification 2020 has already started and runs until July 12. 

on you can see the calendar that gives you an overview of all the events that deal with the Reunion 2020 in Tønder and the rest of Southern Jutland.

Therefore, there is every reason to meet when we celebrate in 2020 the celebration of the 100th anniversary of successful border crossing and the many things our region has succeeded since then. And not least to show how the whole country can party in 2020. 

So grab your girlfriend, friend or family and join in celebrating the historic celebration of Reunion 2020 in Tonder.

In and around Tonder, a lot of events and activities will be held in connection with the Reunion 2020. 

Come and join us when we reunite with a large part of Danish history in and around Tonder in 2020. 

In the municipality of Tønder, there will be several events throughout the first half of 2020, based on the Reunion 2020. 

A total of 50 events will take place in and around Tonder, where both young and old can participate. 


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