Pers Awten / Pers evening / Saint Peter's Evening is a North Frisian tradition, reminiscent of the day Saint Hans as we all know. It is a bonfire with speeches, which are celebrated on February 21 every year, along the coast of Romo and the mainland, in fact all the way up the west coast of southern Jutland. In Northern Frisian the tradition is called: The Biikebrånen. Biike is used today in seaman's language and means sail mark.

It is not strange that it is related to the seaman's language, as many Frisians and Jutlanders have worked as seafarers for the last few hundred years. So Pers Awten became a kind of big farewell party for the sailors, who went to Greenland to catch whales. Originally Pers Awten dates from pagan times, when the fire was a sacrificial gift to the Nordic gods. Later, it has been a ritual to celebrate the cold winter.

Typical for Pers Awten / Pers Evening, delicious green cabbage is served.

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