Cycling holiday in Southern Denmark

Denmark's southwesternmost cycling holiday takes place in the Wadden Sea area.

Visit Rømø Tønder

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On the bike in the Danish National Park Wadden Sea

If cycling is not just about sports and exercise for you, then the Wadden Sea area is the perfect place to take your bike. Here you will find unforgettable views and unique nature in the middle of the Wadden Sea National Park.

In the whole of Southern Jutland there is over 3000km of cycle route, and in Rømø - Tønder you will find e.g. part of the "West Coast Route" or the entire "Royal Mars Route".

Rømø - Tønder has many beautiful routes that take you from the local city life out into the raw nature. It is very popular to cycle in and around Marsken and along the West Coast where you have a view of the Wadden Sea.

If you have taken your mountain bike with you, you can experience MTB routes in Løgumkloster, Tønder and on Rømø.

Help with repairing the bike

If the accident is out, you can pass one of the markings below, for a quick repair to move on.

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