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Hiking on vacation

If the holiday is to take place on foot, then the opportunities are rich in the Rømø and Tønder area.

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Migratory birds in the Wadden Sea

Every year in Autumn, winter and spring, up to 15 million birds migrate through the Wadden Sea to eat the many tons of mussels and benthic animals in the Wadden Sea.

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Experiences for a rainy day

If the weather gods have provided rain or bad weather, then we have gathered a number of experiences that you can enjoy in shelter and shelter from the weather.

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Wellness experiences in Rømø & Tønder

The word wellness comes from English: to be well, and has a double meaning: to be healthy and to feel good. Wellness includes physical, mental and emotional, spiritual and social well-being.

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Explore Hoeger

Higher town is a small town with approx. 1300 inhabitants.
The town has a church west of town and the square which has some narrow streets and several listed buildings.

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Top 16 attractions on Romo

In this post you can read about the most popular Sights found on Romo. Take the family in hand and come out and experience Romø's unique nature as well as the sights the island hides.

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The marsh area

The barrel marsh is a quite unique landscape, with a beautiful nature and a rich plant and bird life.

Bjarke Petersen

Angling in Southwest Jutland

If you are planning a holiday with angling, or if you need more knowledge on how to get off with the fishing pole in southwest Jutland then read here.

4+ days

Again this year, it is not only the music that the audience can experience when the Tønder Festival is launched. In 2020, the Tønder area will also sum up activities before the festival starts.

Bjarke Petersen

Wadden Sea National Park

Nature created over 60,000 years and today has many wonders. The Wadden Sea on the west coast is part of UNESCO World Heritage and the National Park of Denmark.

Tønder Festival
Bjarke Petersen

Tønder Festival

Although the tent poles have long since been drawn up in many of the country's festival venues, there are still unique music experiences in store, for the festival-hungry and music enthusiasts this past weekend in August. The foundation is the same as it always has been when the Tønder Festival runs on August 27-30. Here you will find everything the heart desires of hand-played music, with roots in blues, folk, country, roots rock, cajun, oldtime and other adjacent genres.

Bjarke Petersen

Gourmet restaurants in Romo & Tønder

Are you in search of a dining experience out of the ordinary? Or are you looking for a gourmet restaurant that you won't forget? Then we have gathered here a number of exciting restaurants in Rømø & Tønder, which will undoubtedly give you an experience that stimulates all your senses.

Bjarke Petersen

Romo kite Festival

The Romo Dragon Festival is definitely an experience you will remember - but beware - it can easily become a lifestyle. It is for many of the kite pilots who travel to Romo every year to show the latest creations of different kites - and maybe you are lucky enough to run with a prize, for their talent.
This is also where the beginner can get a few good tips and tricks if you have a dragon who doesn't quite do it properly.

Romo Motor festival
Bjarke Petersen

Rømø Motor festival 2020

On August 22, 2020, genuine Danish motorsport has been turned up when the Rømø Motor Festival again this year, the legendary veteran motor race on Lakolk Strand on Rømø.

The whole event is free, so bring your friend, boyfriend or the whole family for an adventurous day at the sign of motorsport.

Bjarke Petersen

How to eat oysters

Read in this guide where and how to open your oyster. Also read how to eat and prepare the oyster.

Bjarke Petersen

Christmas in Tønder

On Saturday 7 November, Tønder opens the Christmas town
The shops are open
From 7 November
through December 23rd.

Bjarke Petersen

Tønder guide

As a tourist in Tønder there are some things that you just have to see and experience. In this guide you will find 7 attractions in central Tønder which will certainly enrich your visit to Tønder.

Black Sun
Bjarke Petersen

Here's how to experience the Black Sun

Especially in autumn crowds of starlings are gathering for the flight return to the South and in spring they will come back again. They are flying closed together, lined up in dancing formations to confuse their enemies, the birds of prey. This phenomenon has got the name "black sun".




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