Blokart and beach sailing on Rømø

Beach sailing or Blokart is a sport that is practiced on the beach. It is a combination of windsurfing and a go-kart. The sport came to Denmark in the 90s and has since become a fixture on the large, wide and hard beaches in Denmark.

Try beach sailing on Rømø

Our Sønderstrand on Rømø is one of the best places of the world for blokarting. Here is a huge flat beach and most of the time hard enough.

Watch our video about Strandsejlads here:

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What is a blokart and beach sailing?

The equipment used for this sport includes a sail, a three-wheeled go-kart and a harness. The kart is made of metal and plastic with one or 2 seats. The harness is used to attach the person to the kart .

The wind in the sails drives the vehicle across the beach.

There are various models in beach sailing, some also called Blokarts. There are different ways to control the blokart, depending on the type. But often it is via a handlebar controlled by feet, or a durable grip for your hands.

There are no brakes and the speed is controlled only by tightening the sail to achieve more speed, or loosening the sail to slow down. The sail can be tightened and loosened by a string.

What equipment do you need?

It is recommended to wear gloves - as well as sunglasses and warm clothes in relation to the weather.

But often you can rent or buy these things from one of the blokarting companies at the beach.

You have to use a helmet to protect yourself, you can use your own or it is together with your blokart.

It is not recommended to wear jewelry or clothes with loose parts as one can easily drop things out of one’s pockets.

Where can I try blokart or beach sailor?