9 reasons for a visit to the West Coast

Assembly bans do not forbid us to go out and enjoy nature.

Visit Rømø Tønder

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9 reasons to go on vacation on the West Coast right now


The weather can offer you the Danish nature, which could be with a fishing rod in hand.

Take in the cottage

Take the family to a holiday home on Rømø

Get wind in the sails with a Block Map

Go out and experience Blokarting on Rømø together with kitesyd.

Experience Lakolk Beach

The beach on Rømø is divided into 3. Sønderstrand to the south, Lakolk in the middle and the northern beach. Lakolk is ideal to visit as you can go for a walk in the dunes or on the water's edge.

National Park Wadden Sea

Guided tour in the Wadden Sea or in the marsh

The guides allow 9 people on their tours. A good suggestion for a guided tour, could be out in the wadden sea, in the marsh or maybe a small town tour?

Feel the tide

One thing to try is to be in the Wadden Sea when the tide changes. There is something magical about being able to feel the water pull in over your feet, and witness as the water level rises as it does, every single day.

Enjoy UNESCO's World Heritage on the bike

Take the bike to the west coast and see the country from the bike saddle. The Royal March route is a good offer for a good bike ride of 41 km.

Rømø & Tønder - Oysters


Romo is full of oysters and they are just waiting to be picked!

Migratory bird

Right now, there are many birds returning from their southern abode. Watch the birds throughout the national park


Opening times during Covid-19

What can you experience, where can you eat or where can you shop on Romo?

Romo & Tønder - Instagram competition

Nature is always beautiful - Take a picture

This unique situation that we face due to covid-19, invites us all outside and enjoy nature.

Walk in the Tøndermarsken Photo: Ulrik Pedersen, Tøndermarsk Initiative. The picture must be used in connection with the mention of the Tønder marsh and / or the Tøndemarsk Initiative.


The marsh has been created by the Wadden Sea through the ages, which is why you will find an incredibly lush area with lots of beautiful scenery and wildlife.

Aerial Photo Romo - Photo Knud E. Christensen (2) -1200px

Romo Beach

The largest beach in the north lies in the middle of the Wadden Sea and is located on Rømø. The beach occupies about half the area of the island. Every year, millions of guests flock to the beach to enjoy the water and the sandy beach.

Apartment at the beach at sunset in Romo, Denmark by-studio buses yankushev

There are still experiences awaiting you

Though Covid-19 still a dull cloud over Denmark, it still means you can enjoy your holiday in South West Jutland. In fact, there is one cottage or holiday home the perfect place to enjoy the quiet days with the family.

Romo and Tønder are still working, though all the precautions are taken into account. The places of residence have taken important steps in relation to distance and hygiene. 

On Romo you can travel around outdoors without any worry, as there is plenty of land and air for everyone. One could, for example. Take a stroll on the huge beach, Lakolk Beach, which is also the largest sandy beach in the north.

Take-away is just the order

Almost all restaurants have more or less developed a take-away menu, so you do not have to worry about filled supermarkets, although it is a very rare occurrence on these edges of Denmark.


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Rømø Dam
Bjarke Petersen

Top 16 attractions on Romo

In this post you can read about the most popular Sights found on Romo. Take the family in hand and come out and experience Romø's unique nature as well as the sights the island hides.

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