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5 outdoor activities we are sure everyone can take part in.
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Number 1

View of the hunt

The horizon is high in Tønder Marsken - but who does not want to see even more - so go on a view hunt, and enjoy how much you can see, just by getting a few meters up in the landscape.

1 "Mountain hike"
on Rømø - Høstbjerg - Spidsbjerg - Stagebjerg approx. 19 m high

All with a fantastic view of the Wadden Sea National Park when standing on top.

2 Vongshøj

62 m in the middle of Løgumklosterbjerge and with a 5 m high tower at the top and is thus South Jutland's highest point, with a view of heath plains, hill islands and the dunes to the west and the Wadden Sea National Park.

3 The Dikes

On the dikes along the entire Wadden Sea, vantage points have been made in many places - and all have a magnificent view of the Wadden Sea, whether it is from the south and north dikes on Rømø or the dikes at Ballum, Emmerlev Klev and Højer locks.

4 Hjerpsted Church

If you take the beautiful trip from the Rømø dam in the north and drive south along the coastal road towards Ballum and Højer, you come to Hjerpsted - take a stop - get out and enjoy the beautiful view of the Wadden Sea National Park towards the Wadden Sea islands Rømø and Herring.

5 Lægan

South of Tønder is the pumping station "Lægan" right in the middle of Tøndermarsken in the fantastic and distinctive marsh nature.

Number 2


A brisk walk in the fresh wind along the Wadden Sea is healing for body and soul.

Lakolkstrand, Rømø
Rømø's famous bathing beach and the beach where Oldtimer has been held for several years
Motor Festival - on the north side of the beach there is Windsurfer area.

Sønderstrand, Romo
At Sønderstrand there are many possibilities - a large "playground" for young and old with Blokarts,
Kitebuggy and beach sailing - of course also beaches and also a naturist beach.

Hjerpstedstrand, Hjerpsted
Invites to a beach walk and enjoy the fantastic beautiful view over the Wadden Sea to the islands Rømø
and Herring. A place where the pulse calms down and there is peace and quiet for meditation and reflection.

Mountain hiking all mountains approx. 19 m
1 Høstbjerg, Rømø
A beautiful beautiful view of the Rømø Dam to the east and west of Lakolk
2 Spidsbjerg, Rømø
50 steps up - and you get a great view of the middle of the island with Sct. Clement Church to the east.
3 Stagebjerg, Rømø
Rømø's southernmost "mountain". Under the mountain are still the remains of a bunker from World War II.
Originally, it was the Ruxendorf radar station that was located here during World War II.

Dike walk
1 Rejsby Dige
2 Ballum Dige
3 Emmerlev Klev dige
4 Raises Dike
5 Havneby Dige, Rømø

Mountain bike rømø

Number 3

Bicycle rides

A fresh bike ride in flat, beautiful, peaceful countryside, is something so lovely. We do not have a challenge in mountain terrain, but a little fresh wind from the Wadden Sea can also be a challenge.

1  From the Rømø dam at the stairs 'Arrival World Heritage and Wadden Sea National Park', drive along Kildebjergvej and continue north to Astrupsø and Kildebjegsø - here you can cycle along the dike towards Brøns and Rejsby locks.

2 From Rømø dam to the south to Ballum Sluse

3 Rømø Rundt "Kommandøren og kaskelotten"
On this trip you actually experience the whole island with the various points of interest

4 "The Royal Mars route" Barrels and surroundings
A bike ride around both Denmark and Germany and meet the historical points

5 Skærbæk "æ marskmandssti"

Number 4

Birds mock

A lively crowd. We have a lot of birds in this area - and here you can see - which places we think are beautiful places - to observe the birds

1 Sølstedmose
An exciting bog landscape with special plants and a rich bird life - cranes, reed warblers and nightingales
and many more birds. In addition, the only place in Denmark where the rare fish dune emerald breeds.

2 The storms Rømø
Here there is plenty of bird life with the Wadden Sea in the background. It is not unusual to experience
more than 20 different wader species in a single day.

3 Margrethe Kog

Margrethe Kog is worth a visit. Spring and autumn forage large flocks of geese, ducks and waders during their migration - especially giant flocks of barnacle geese are an attraction.

Number 5


Silence, concentration and find inner peace - and maybe bring dinner home…

Arrild Fiskesø
Arrild Fiskesø is a privately owned facility for you who are an angler and fly fisherman. However, there is room for
all. The fishing lake consists of more than 17,000 m2 of water surface and a 560 meter long river.

Rømø Fiskesø
The northwesternmost fishing lake in the municipality - is sheltered by the dike, a lot of bird and animal life in the background.
The lake is 900 m long and about 40 m wide with a depth of approx. 2 m

Rejsby Å

Rejsby Å extends from Roager to Rejsby lock. The river is an unregulated river where there are many turns and there is one
really beautiful area. Perch can be caught here - pike eel and salmon. At the dike there is the possibility
accommodation in shelters.

Wells Å
In Brøns Å there are good opportunities for fishing for sea trout or salmon. A very idyllic area, especially
the area around Brøns Mølle Ådalen. The river runs from the lock at the outlet in the Wadden Sea and to Birkelev
Plantation at Ullerup. Fishing on both sides.
Port of Romo
The easternmost port on the West Coast

Brede Å
The river that empties into the Wadden Sea at Ballum Sluse and meanders its way through Løgumkloster to Bredebro is
an Eldorado for anglers. In the river, sea trout, some salmon, brook trout and stallion are caught. Brede Å has
previously been heavily regulated, but during the 1990s got a new winding course of more than 20 km.

Vidåen is dammed on the entire stretch from Emmerske to Tønder and from here on to Rudbøl. Vidåen
offers diverse opportunities for angling, from co-fishing for peace fish and eel and to fishing for
salmon and sea trout. The river is on some stretches very quiet and after the outlet of Grønåen south of Tønder
city more lively. From Lægan 


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