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Discover Romo, Tønder, the Wadden Sea National Park, bird life, the beach, marshland, lakes and much more

Visit Rømø & Tønder

Holiday on the west coast

Here on the site we make an effort to give you inspiration for your next holiday in the Rømø-Tønder area. We have chosen to divide our experiences into 6 categories, “ Active, Cultural, Nature, Shopping, Family and Gastro experiences. ”On the page you also have the opportunity to find accommodation for your visit.

Experiences in the summer

Summer is upon us and the holidays have begun!

Rømø & Tønder - Map of Southern Jutland

Much to offer and lots to experience. Take the family to Rømø-Tønder, because here is something for the whole family and for all ages 

There is something for everyone in the area, whether you love to observe the birds in the Wadden Sea or if you love to taste, Rømø-Tønder has a lot to offer. Especially for Rømø-Tønder is our National Park Wadden Sea, which contains many unique experiences. In the Wadden Sea you will find, for example. Wadden Sea Oysters and the beautiful view of the Black Sun.

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